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Garden with a German (part 1)


Happy Spring from South Dakota! Coming out of winter is always a joyous time for us here! First of all, we have to be sure it has actually ended. It has been 80 degrees, has rained, snowed, gotten warm enough to put the coats away, but then cold and windy (30’s to 40’s) and had to dig them back out. It snowed last Sunday and today was in the mid-80’s! There are a variety of shoes by my back door between the four of us- from flip flops to sneakers to boots!  (Although the boots have been put away now!) We never know how or when winter will officially end, but are always ready to make the most of it when it does!

I conferred with the Meteorologist across the street (yes, a real one) and he confirmed winter is over! That is so very exciting. I can now proceed with one of my favorite warm-time hobbies: gardening!

We bought our home in August of 2004 and the sweet lady that lived here had (what I consider) a massive garden planted in the back. We enjoyed the vegetables those first months in our new home and as summer ended we packed up the shed with all the garden equipment- fencing and cages- and spent the winter planning our garden for the next year, and have continued ever since. I found a relaxing love for working in/weeding the garden, watching it grow, and sharing the fruits (err, vegetables) of our labor!

Over the years the garden plot has gotten smaller (thanks to the play set my parents built for the kids), but we have gotten handier and smarter with our planting choices. I feel a huge sense of accomplishment in growing my own food! I LOVE to share with neighbors, family, friends and co-workers. Sometimes we preserve the goods or make salsa. We also have an apple tree that keeps many people (as well as my farmer friend’s cows and horses) happy.

I always dedicate Mother’s Day to planting my garden and my flower pots, so am very excited for next week! I need to finalize my list of vegetable must-haves, although there is always at least one “I never thought about planting that” item that shows up in the garden every year. You won’t succeed if you don’t try, right?

I LOVE doing  my garden on Mother’s Day. We spend time outside together,  teach the kids about planting. It is always nice to have the extra hands (and feet… they move faster than I do when I leave a tool across the garden)! They will learn hard work, dedication to a project, and how awesome it is to see the results of the work! When they participate they have a greater willingness to help out!

Thank you for reading! I will discuss the benefits of gardening in my next blog! If you have any questions please feel free to message me! If you have any tips and tricks you would like to share, please comment or email me at .