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Garden with a German (part 2)- Benefits

Why is gardening beneficial?

As I mentioned in part one, I am gearing up to get my garden planted! The winter season can be hard on not only your physical and mental health, but also your bank account!

Physical health- We run the oven more often, baking and making hearty dinners to warm our homes and bellies. Making old favorites, er comfort food, can lead to overeating. We have to skip walking the dog and spending time outside due to frigid temps.

Mental health- We go days/weeks without seeing the sun or soaking in its vibrant Vitamin D.  Seasonal Affective Disorder is real, people! Remember, I live in South Dakota and we have hard winters. (Want to have a good time? Spend an afternoon doing “backyard dog doo cleanup” during the spring thaw!)

Financials- We take a hit in the pocketbook to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, because obviously, we cannot grow them here when the ground is frozen, covered in snow, and it is -50 windchill! We do not have access to Farmer’s Market and the closest wholesale market is 3 hours away. I find it ironic that eating food from the Earth has such a hefty price tag.

Check out the benefits in this short video!

By gardening, your overall physical health, strength,

I like to make gardening a family affair, giving everyone an age-appropriate job. (i.e. Mike is the tiller).  I am hoping it will help my youngest with his pickiness, and maybe, just maybe, he will start to try some of the deliciousness! My daughter likes to help me harvest and deliver the goods to others.

I had better get my plan set this week and get my shopping list made! …Although it is never set in stone as I always get a bright idea when I am at the nursery/greenhouse!

Gardening and Its Health, Mental and Financial Benefits

Thank you for checking part out part two of this series. If you have any questions or want help or more tips, please let me know via email


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