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Garden with a German (part 5): Watch It Grow!

“Let it grow! Let it grow! Can’t hold it back anymore!”

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day. I did exactly what I wanted to do all day long, the children complied and helped (the hubby was at work) and I was able to spend a blissful NINE hours outside! I did not lift a single finger in the house and the children made their own lunch (they have to learn sometime, right?!?!)

As I mentioned in Part Four of this series, I had tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers, onions and broccoli to plant. All the plants I bought fit perfectly in the space I have (do not ask Mike’s opinion as he will disagree… but hey, it is my project and I will do what I want!) Remember in Part One when I said it was a nice relaxing and stress relieving time for me? Perhaps I plant erratically on purpose to keep him out of there! Never thought of that!

Side note: I went to the store to grab a few produce items today as I had forgotten them both Friday and Saturday when I was there (thanks, “Mom Brain”).  A single green pepper was $1.49 and a red or yellow pepper was $2.99! At those prices, this garden had better grow fast and furious! I ended up going with a bag of red and yellow peppers about the size of jalapenos for $2.98. It will do!

Check out what I had to say about my garden here:


Shout out to my kiddos for asking me if I was having a good day, filling my water bottle up, grabbing the sunscreen for me, and keeping the fighting to a minimum. The older one helped more than the younger one, but in time I will get them all trained! HA! One thing is certain, we ALL enjoyed our time outside together!

Here is the before and after of my garden!

Let’s time it– I planted on 5/14/17… when do you think I’ll produce Part Six of the series when I harvest my first goods!?