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MomPossible Schedules

Where did that hour go?

The schedule I make in my head and the reality of said schedule do not always match the way I intend, but somehow I always seem to get (most of) it done!

Take today for instance– I was up late last night burning the midnight oil and working on a project, so I slept a little longer and skipped my workout. Skipping meant I needed to find 40 minutes this evening to get it done. Bummer, but I knew what I was doing when I stayed in bed, so I knew the consequence to my action.

I had two hours (4 to 6pm) to get the kids from two pick up places, get dinner in the oven, get my 40 minute workout done, feed us and get Tobin changed and to 6:15 Taekwondo. At 7pm after his class, I had a church council meeting that I needed to take the kids with because their dad was at work.

It did not go quite as I had envisioned it. We ended up eating leftover cheeseburgers and hot dogs (for the third day in a row; not sure why we had so many leftovers!) because the roast was not quite done and I was pushing it on time. Luckily the Taekwondo lesson is less than 10 minutes away. Good news is we have it for tomorrow’s supper!

Mission Complete! 

It takes me approximately 30 minutes by the time I pick up the kids and get home, so my 4:30 start time on my workout didn’t happen. I started about 5:05. Check out my pre-workout thoughts and see my gym commute in the video posted here.

It all worked out and I lived to tell the tale. I was able to release some stress in my workout while dinner cooked and this story had a very happy ending!

If I were to provide time management tips, would you be interested? Is there another topic you would be interested in me covering?

Thank you so much for checking out my blog today! Remember, everything that seems M-possible is Mom-Possible!