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Garden with a German (part 5.5): Oh Snap!

Mother Nature seems confused.

“They” say you need to plant your potatoes on Good Friday, but most time here in South Dakota there is still snow on the ground or it has not had ample time to thaw by Easter. I am not sure who “they” are, but I am not going to ever attempt to plant potatoes into frozen ground.

I consulted with my neighbor on May 5; he is a meteorologist. He said they (the folks at the National Weather Service in Aberdeen, SD) looked ahead and we had a green light for good weather and we were done with the cold weather. I won’t name any names as Scott knows who he is. (Haha) I KNOW he does not control Mother Nature, but really, meteorologists have the most secure jobs– they can be wrong and not get fired! How sweet is that? I have to give him a hard time, and I am sure in his line of work he is used to it!

Naturally, my Dad asked me last week if I was sure I wanted to plant. I told him what my neighbor said, followed by “and I always plant it on Mother’s Day” and he said okay! I am pretty sure a couple co-workers asked me too, but I really was convinced Sprummer was here when it was 85 degrees on May 14th!

(*Sprummer is my name for South Dakota spring… it goes from cold to hot without a subtle transition.)

Here is the forecast for the next six days. The rain is nice, but the low temps on top of that are a bit worrisome. My daughter and I have covered all the plants in the garden and flowers in the planters with sheets to protect them from the chilly temps.


I find it comical if anything… I mean it is just my luck! But really, I am sure everything will be okay and I will have an amazing crop! In the morning I will get the covers off so the rain can get in, should we get any and then cover them back up in the evening I guess.

For now I will be patiently waiting to share part six of this series with you all. Any bets on when that will be?

Until next time!