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MomPossible Goals (part 1): Setting SMART Goals

Shatter Your Ceiling

Shatter Your Ceiling is my motto… my rally cry. I use it to remind myself that my potential has no limits. When I first started my fitventure I was nursing my son late one night watching the Insanity infomercial on TV. I told myself I could do that, no problem (even though I was NOT a fan of working out at all, I knew I needed some help!) I mentioned it to my sister and she chuckled at me when I told her my plan and I set out on the goal to prove her wrong. I completed the program and got my free t-shirt. The rest is history! Everytime I put that shirt on I am reminded of the feeling of “I can’t” and how I replaced it with “I will!”

Today I launched my VIP program and one of the items included is a jumpstart consultation and goal setting call. I got to thinking that perhaps some people may not be hitting their goals because they do not know how to effectively set goals. A good place to start is making sure they are SMART.

SPECIFIC:  Vague goals, meaning goals that are very broad, never go anywhere. Think of why you want to achieve the goal, what you will do to accomplish it, when it should happen, and where it should happen.

MEASUREABLE: How will you know you have achieved your goal? When you know you are on the right track, you will continue to take action to achieve it.

ATTAINABLE: Believe and you can achieve! Boring goals are not the best motivator!

REALISTIC: If the end result is big, work up to it with many goals. Once you complete one, move to the next portion. Stay positive and do not get discouraged!

TIMELY: Deadlines help!

I have a question now. Think back to the last goal you had, whether it be today, yesterday, or a year ago (I hope it was not a year ago- ha). Did you achieve your goal? If yes, did you (inadvertently) follow the SMART process? If you did not complete your goal, what is stopping you from trying again and what can you do differently?

Remember- it’s not Mpossible, it’s MomPossible!

Reference page for SMART goals insight is

Thank you for reading today’s thoughts, I do appreciate it!