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Never The Same Sunset Twice

A rain storm passed over tonight and it was lighter  than we were anticipating. After the rain passed, the sun was out – the brightest it had been all day, and most of the clouds were gone. The fish were starting to bite and it did not take long to get our limit off the dock. It was the start to a great evening!

As I was enjoying the warming hug of the sun, I was having a moment and snapping some pictures. I realized that a person never see the same sunset twice, which also means you do not see the same sunrise.

Then it hit me and I wanted to share my thoughts with you all. For almost four years I have been reading, listening, and working on Personal Development. To see and feel the change, transformation and confidence in myself has been huge. I have also helped others

I am sure you have noticed I was doing more Facebook Lives and Blogs. I put some faith in myself to accomplish a BSG (big scary goal) and was really working at trying to learn and do ‘things’ with the technology of today. Today is the last day of assignments, I am happy I pushed through and it reminds me that possiblities are endless.

If everyday we wake up and have a new sunrise we end the day with a brand new sunset, and it is something that we have never seen before, what else can we do in our life to make that change and help see change in others and help everyone’s new day be better than the day before.

I wanted to share this message with you. I hope you all take a moment to enjoy the wonderfulness that is this life and remember those who have gone before us. Continue to shatter your ceiling. Live every day to the fullest and be the best you you can be. 🙂