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Dinner Table Trickery – Quinoa Pizza Burgers

Yes, I did it. I am that mom. I tricked my family into eating something new without them knowing! (Hubby was told about the plan and was stuck trying it if he wanted to eat supper!) I told them we were having pizza burgers, which was not a lie as that is what the recipe called it!

Fair warning: this blog is loaded (aka has a little of everything- video, images, reading), but since this is my first recipe review I couldn’t decide what to do!

I am back to my goal of trying one new recipe per week. I promise to share both the recipe and my family’s review of the item with you!  My son, almost six, is a picky eater. When he likes a food he will eat the heck out of it. Veggies- no– although he has now starting trying tomatoes (as long as diced) and lettuce– so on tacos, taco pizza, or the other night BLTs. But honestly, that’s it. He will eat french fries, but no other potatoes. No salads unless a dessert-y type salad and even then he usually says no. He likes goulash, but no longer likes spaghetti (what the???), and if we have meat i almost always end up melting cheese on it and making a sandwich for him. Alas, it is super hard having a picky eater when the other three of us are not. We like to try new foods and recipes. He is that kid that won’t even take a bite, no matter how hard you bribe him. He’s stubborn and has a preconceived notion that he does not like it. I am NOT a short-order cook and do not cater to his every whim. I do have Easy Mac in the cupboard for the days I intentionally make a meal he absolutely dislikes (i.e. chicken pot pie)…although I am certain he would like it!

The time has come! This mom is done with that! Time to bring in some trickery to the dinner table. If it backfires, well…I can at least say I tried!  ((I sometimes wish I was a picky eater so I wouldn’t have to try everything all the time!))

My intro went into a little more detail than I expected, so check out the quick video here about my new recipe!

And here is the recipe!

OK SO FINALLY, the Quinoa Pizza Burger Review!

The German Family gives it 3.5 out of 4 stars! Mr Picky Pants ate TWO- count them TWO pizza burgers. Huge mom win!

Honestly, it wasn’t that bad! I am really curious to see how it would taste grilled instead of baked because it was very flimsy. I added spinach to Mike and mine, but the recipe called for fresh basil leaves. I confessed to Cadynce what was in the burgers and while she likes quinoa she said she would rather have a regular burger. All-in-all it was not that much work and it was really an affordable meal.

In retrospect, I need to look at my choices a bit differently next time as my “healthy” recipe turned into carb-overload between the white bun and the white Texas toast breadsticks I made! Next time we decided we would try grilling the burgers, putting marinara on them before the cheese, and use the Slender Round bun. A side of veggies will replace the breadsticks.

Live and learn, right? It’s not impossible, it’s MomPossible!

Here is the recipe from Tasty Vegetarian if you want to try that burger or one of the others!