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Perpetually Wednesday 8.2.17

Hi there, friends! I know it hasn’t really been fair to you, especially if you had been a follower of my Perpetually Wednesday series on this page. I fell off the wagon, per se, and enjoyed some much needed sunshine and family time. I am not big on excuses, in fact I try to not use them… however, I (to a fault) always tell the truth. So I will say that for awhile there I was feeling like I did not have much to share that would have been of value… but I have been writing my thoughts down and am hoping to share with you all over the next few blogs.

I finished my 12 week weight lifting program and did not miss a single workout. That was the first time all year that I had not let my mind or my ailments talk me out of working out and honestly, I was not suffering any injuries over those three months. That makes a huge difference. What I did not do in those 12 weeks was follow my nutrition to a tee… It was disheartening to me because I would totally have nailed nutrition at work (because I packed my breakfast, lunch and snacks), but then I would get home and totally indulge on whatever we were having and a cocktail or two. Carbs, carbs, carbs and sugar, sugar, sugar… let’s face it— it is an addiction!

A week and a half into my new workout program and complimentary carb-lessening meal plan and I am feeling pretty confident. I will be sure to share more on this at the end of the three weeks!

Now that summer is coming to an end, my family and I (like all the others!) are getting ready to adjust back to the school year life! My son will be starting Kindergarten, my daughter will be a third grader, and I have a year left on my term as PTA President. So, yeah, it’s about to get busy.

I really hope you will hang in there with me! If you have any topics of interest, recipes you want me to try, or questions on my fitness program or nutrition plan, please reach out and let me know!