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Finally Friday!

Thank Goodness It’s Friday!

I am at the end of week two of this three week program and have noticed I am having better luck following this amazing meal plan. I am focusing on what I am eating and what time I am eating each item, which is helping my digestion and overall hunger throughout the day. I am not one to step on the scale- I do on the first day and the day after the last day of the program. The scale does not define me, but I was able to tell there was an issue due to how my clothes fit. I have gained some weight (20 pounds, not muscle weight) this year and have had to dig out my size 10 dress pants to wear to work. I am confident and hopeful that I will be able to pack them back away soon!

Since I have already changed up what I am eating when, I decided to bring my workout outside tonight to change it up! That was a new experience for me – at my home anyway- with the neighbors potentially watching. I am just under six foot tall, so for me the ceiling in the workout space is fairly close to my head…especially when I jump.

As I mention in this video, I have not had a slice of bread in 12 days. I have had pizza, which as I write this blog my husband has chastised me for because pizza is bread. It is my story, my interpretation, so it is not up for argument because I specifically said SLICE of bread. We go through at least two loaves of bread per week. I have noticed it is less now that I have omitted it from my daily routine. {will I eat bread again? Yes, I will, especially if you make me some french toast or a summer BLT… But right now I am testing and winning with my willpower!}

Recap of outdoor back yard workout: I had two options- cement or grass. Today I chose the cement because I wanted to make sure I had a flat surface. I was sucking air hardcore after the first ten minutes! It did feel great to not have to worry about space being an issue and I am going to try the grass next time! This Speed 35 routine had two rounds each repeated once with the agility markers set up differently in each round. My favorite move from round one is the hurdle hops and round two is the diamonds and the hurdle hops! Both rounds were very effective and I can say this is one of my favorite workouts so far in this program!

Here are some images from today’s sesh!

All-in-all, I think three weeks is just perfect to try something new and step out of your comfort zone. It takes 21 days to make a habit you know. My next VIP group registration will be opening soon, so if interested, please inquire by clicking the button to the right for the free consultation!

Until next time, keep shattering your ceiling!