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Garden with a German Part 6: Harvest

August already!? For goodness sake I can hardly believe it. I planted my garden on Mother’s Day weekend and have been waiting to make part six of this series- the harvest post! (drumroll, please, because here we go!)

The weather this summer has been seemingly different; at times it has felt like Mother Nature is off her meds! It was hot early, then freezing and we dug out the blankets and sheets to cover the plants, then smoldering hot and we were in a drought. The other day we tied the record low of 45 in the early morning! How nuts is that!? Ok, so this is not a weather report, but the weather does play a role in how a garden does grow!

From my initial planting day, the only plant that did not survive were my two cucumber plants. That’s a bummer because I buy two to three per week! I’m not the only one who lost their cucs, though, so I don’t feel so bad. I have tomatoes, peppers in red/orange/yellow/green and blue-purple, squash, onions, zucchini, and broccoli.

We have harvested the most broccoli so far, followed by a nice zucchini and there are multiple squash out on the vine. There is much more to come — I have my eye on those green peppers, just waiting for stuffed green peppers. And those tomatoes— well I am just craving a BLT! Turn red already!

My tomatoes (lots of green ones on the plants!)

and peppers, squash and broccoli

I truly believe this motto! (The weeds grow with or without love!)

Quick tip: You can turn a green tomato red by picking it and placing it in a brown paper bag for a couple of days. I do that at the end of the season when I pull all the plants out. I save all the green ones and ripen them myself. #notomatoleftbehind

Here is the live garden tour!

In the tour I said I would tell the story of how I learned zucchini was a squash. It is really quite comical, but I really had just never thought about what a zucchini¬†was. The tag on the plant I had said “zucchini squash” so I thought it was a fancy hybrid. When food prepping for the week, I was messaging with my two foodie friends Robyn and Hannah figuring out how to prepare it and it was through those texts that I made the realization. I had a good laugh about that!

I hope you all have a terrific week and continue to shatter your ceilings! Please comment below with any questions for me and I would be happy to answer them!