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I’m a Voice for my Children!

Have you heard of the Parent Teacher Association? I bet you have. Sounds annoying and like you need to hurry and run the other way, right?

Well, I’m a PTA Parent and I am not embarrassed about it. I don’t consider myself a glutton for punishment. I chose to become a member and I choose to attend meetings. In fact, it is quite empowering to know that I have a role in helping shape my children’s educations!

(I did not go in there gung-ho on becoming co-president, but that’s the way that cookie crumbled!)

Contrary to what people think, PTA does not take a lot of time, if we all do a little we can accomplish a lot. At the meetings we follow an agenda, talk about what’s going on in school, upcoming events, and it is a great time to ask the principal and staff questions pertaining to events at or needs of the school. It is very important to have both parent AND teacher participation in PTA in order to decide what we are saving up for, where the needs lie, and what we as a group can do to assist!

Does anyone really like to do fundraisers? Likely not.  We have a couple of fundraisers that work well for our school, but are always willing to look at other options and other FUNdraisers (as I call them)!

In order to make decisions on which fundraisers to do and what we will spend our money on, we need to have people attend the meetings so we can make decisions and vote. We simply ask that folks be a voice for the students, teachers and school. Ideas go nowhere without discussions. We have people come up with great ideas all the time, but unless they can bring them to the floor, it is very hard to make progress or changes.

Being a PTA member also increases our pull in Washington, D.C. We have the power to advocate for our children’s rights. Check out the #STOPCutsToClassrooms on social media and see what everyone is talking about!

Anyone can be a member of PTA– teachers, staff, parents, spouses, grandparents, neighbors; it is five dollars per person to join. We do not ask a lot—you don’t show up and get assigned a bunch of activities or get voluntold to do something (we leave that to the wives for the husbands- haha).

There are my thoughts on PTA thank you for letting me share them with you!