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Perpetually Wednesday 8.9.17 Edition

Hello friends and happiest of Wednesdays to you!
I am on day Day 17 of 21 of my three week workout program and meal plan and I am feeling pretty good! Besides being a little lazy in actually getting my workouts done (meaning I am procrastinating), I have done something I wouldn’t normally do and have taken my workouts outside twice now in order to have a bit more room and a different perspective on things. Four workouts left! I can do it!

I have been following the meal plan, still have not had a ‘slice’ of bread and have been pretty darn good at not eating desserts! Wahoo!! I find I am not craving the starchy carbs as much as I have been, so that must mean the food plan is working! I will share more on this over the weekend!

As far as what’s coming up next week, well, it will be just as busy. Saturday is jam-packed for me with friends visiting from out of town and a celebratory reunion bbq in the evening. The Brown County (Aberdeen, South Dakota) Fair kicks off, I am out of town for work for three days, and will come home to celebrate my son’s sixth birthday and the last weekend before School starts! EEKS! I am going to have a third grader and a kindergartner, so this should be an exciting year to say the least!

Oh, and before I forget, thirteen years ago today Mike and I closed on our home. I cannot believe we have lived here for thirteen years, although it seems like yesterday and forever all at the same time! We are very blessed to have this neighborhood and to have made this a wonderful home for our family!

My next VIP accountability group will be starting on Monday, August 21, so please contact me (or click the form to the right of this blog) to reserve your spot!

Until next week, keep shattering your ceiling!