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Top 3 Things I Have Learned About My Food Choices in 21 Days

I hope by now you all know I am a work in progress. I have let my taste buds do the talking for too long. I am a foodie and always will be! I will always be ok with living a life of moderation. I do not have to say no to everything all the time as long as I do not always believe it is ok to reward myself with food! I also know that I can’t indulge for a full day/night without some consequences! And believe me, I now suffer consequences I did not suffer in my younger-eat-all-the-carbs days!

 These last three weeks I have allowed myself to not be a prisoner to my fork. I have not let my mind tell me what I need to eat or that I “deserve” a treat. I have made a lot of good decisions over the last 21 days, but also continued to live a moderate life. (I did complete my goal of no slices of bread for 21 days!! wahoo!)

Here are the top three things I have learned:

1. Date Night!

Last Saturday I was able to have a date with my husband. I figured in a couple of beers or drinks into the evening, plus dinner. I thought about what I would eat most of the day, and made sure to stick to my meal plan during the day, limiting the carbs. I wanted and planned for a cheeseburger. My plan was to eat only the bottom of the bun, but both the burger and bun were disappointingly small so I just ate them both. **Anyone else hate it when you pay to go out and they have changed your favorite item? Not only did I accidentally order the wrong burger, but they had changed their product. Pooey!

2. Free Food!

It was audit week for us at work and the auditors bought pizza. I am not the person that can pass up a free meal, and rarely do, which is part of the issue (ha)– but this was a reward for having a great audit so I did partake! (And, it was Aberdeen, South Dakota’s famous Thatzza Pizza — sooo good!)

3. Food Rewards!

As I mention in my video, I realized that I far too often reward myself with food, like many do! Made it through a long day at work? Sure, eat the nachos! Nailed workouts all week? Sure, have the extra serving of spaghetti. If I were to add a number four to the list, it would be using food as a crutch/eating my feelings, but I think I’ll save that for another rainy day because I kept that all in control the last three weeks!

I have been on my fitventure now for four years. I SHOULD be able to make it three weeks following a plan to a T, right? Yes, I should, I could, and I most certainly can. Am I going to beat myself up? Hell, no… because I’m doing much better than I have in a long time! I am not craving the starchy carbs like I was previously and I know I will survive without them!

I am looking for people to help support me and let me support them. I want to share these ideas and this meal plan and continue to find the happy medium in life so I can properly fuel my body, but enjoy the foods I love. If you are interested, would you please sign up for a free consultation or join my next VIP group so I can help you shatter your ceiling?  The links are to the right of this blog or you can certainly message me.

Thank you for reading, have a great weekend!