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Perpetually Wednesday 8.16.17

Another day, another dollar…another week, another 168 hours…
Uh, boy that went fast, didn’t it?

I am out of town for work this week and enjoying the quiet time at the hotel in the evenings. It probably sounds bad, but any parent will agree that you feel lost, yet found in the sounds of silence! After a long day of looking at three (yes, three) computer screens matching and editing information for a computer upgrade, it is really nice to not have a regular routine!

Here is how I started out my Perpetually Wednesday!

Breakfast at this Holiday Inn Express was amazeballs– bacon, turkey sausage, egg white and veggie omelets, yogurt and two tiny strudels were what I enjoyed this morning. It totally helped me power through my morning, plus I snagged a banana and apple for the road!

In retrospect, a shoulder workout was NOT the best choice for today… although I was super energized and felt great after the workout, I could barely lift my arms for the good first hour I was at work! Running three computer mice and keyboards is a task with tired arms! (Insert laugh/cry emoji here!) However, I am proud of the fact I am two for two on hotel workouts (three for three on the week)!

FREE lunch was provided again (and yes, I could not say no); they had a grill out for the employees today so it was a burger, potato salad, fruit and an ice cream treat from a real ice cream truck! (so cool– it’s the little things, people!)

I am looking forward to the weekend. My son turns six on Monday, so we will be celebrating this weekend and will start kindergarten next week, while my daughter starts third grade! Change is a coming (along with a lower daycare bill!!!!) — cannot wait to see what is around this next corner for our family!

As for you, what is around your corner? Whatever is on your plan, I hope it is great! If you aren’t sure what’s around the corner, are you struggling?? …and I don’t mean just fitness. Are you struggling with food, emotions, situations, family, work? Do you need someone to chat with? If so, reach out– there is no need to be alone! I have struggled this summer and am looking forward to next Monday when my new accountability group starts. I would love to chat with you to see if it would be a good fit, so please feel free to click on the picture below and fill out the form! Let’s chat!!

Until next time, keep your head high and continue to shatter your ceiling!