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MomPossible Goals: 630 Minutes

And now, back to my regularly scheduled program…er, sort of!

In a rare turn of events I had the opportunity to travel for work this week and I must say it was pretty sweet. Not only did I not have to cook a meal for three days, but I had a cloud for a bed and time for me. (The downfall to this was I came back with an eye twitch, a sinus infection and a gut ache!)

Before you freak out, of course I missed my husband and kids, and they survived without me. I think it is important to show balance in the family so they know they are capable of handling their daily tasks! 

I have found recently that I have been struggling with my workouts because I have been letting myself get distracted. Distracted by what you might wonder? Well, everything from laundry to whether or not the family is out of bed at the time they need to be, to the snooze button because I want a few more quiet minutes to snuggle with my man, to reading my newsfeed too long while my pre-workout kicks in (because ya’ll are busy overnight – LOL), to the kids getting up earlier than usual and needing my attention.

BLAH BLAH BLAH, right?? Excuses are excuses ...

I suppose those are the downfalls to working out at home, but that is my preferred place to hammer it out! For about 17 years I worked two jobs and never felt like I was home. Adding kids into the mix I really felt that way, so going to the gym and being away even more was not an option for me. I committed to myself to carve out at least 30 minutes per day for ME.

I have been successful and it does work for me. It can work for others too!

Let me tell you– even if it was just three days–working out at the hotel gym— that was sweet! I hammered out those workouts and think I have figured out what was causing my funk. First, it was a different atmosphere that I had to travel approximately two minutes to get to. Second, I was sharing the space with a gentleman who was running on the treadmill and watching the news. I pushed myself pretty hard! Three, I knew my only responsibility was showering myself, eating breakfast and driving to work. I remember saying to myself, “you did it here, why aren’t you nailing these at home?”

I am cutting the excuses, I am cutting the crap and I am laying it down right here. THe start of a school year is all about routine, habits, and nine months of consistency and learning. Come Monday, you best be watching for 21 days of consistency! 630 minutes of me time. Writing is on the wall…well actually it’s in the blog now. Call me out if you don’t see it. Better yet, I dare you to join me. You have NOTHING to lose!

Until next time,