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I Ate 11 Slices of Bread…

…between noon and 7pm on Sunday.

But really, if you want to get technical, I ate four, then two, then four, and the final one at 10pm… not that it likely mattered at that point. Add in two beers while landscaping and I had myself one hell of a carb fest!

Today (Monday), I felt awful. I was bloated, tired, and having cravings galore! All sorts of crap I haven’t even (honestly!) thought about for the last four weeks.

Take a listen for the full story:

It is really crazy how much of what you eat has an effect on your body and personal appearance. I hold my weight most noticeably in my midsection, although my arms and chest are also dead giveaways. If any of you see me in person, I would like to lay the pregnancy rumor to rest! I was approached a couple weeks ago, and no, I am NOT (repeat NOT) expecting another lovely bundle of joy!

{Sidebar: It is that very not-so-special week, so that is a whole other story in itself, because the week of wreaks its own havoc on my body.}

{Sidebar2: In addition to the slices of bread on Sunday, I did indulge in the Pizza Ranch buffet for my son’s birthday lunch with family on Saturday. Fricken dessert pizza gets me every time…and then we had more cake and ice cream at home later!}

There is always more to the story and it might not always be excuses. It might just be the truth.

When I say I am struggling, I am really struggling. If I say I had a bad day, I likely just had a bad day. The last four weeks have been MY BEST this year, honestly… but I need to really learn how to grab the reigns and reel it in when I DO want to indulge. I need to know (and do!) that I am capable of following the 80/20 rule. I had been doing pretty alright on the weekends either, thanks to the food plan I followed and food preparation I did to save time!

If you take a minute and put my sarcasm and jokes aside I hope you will see that I am really, truly, and honestly looking for some people (women or men) that have similar struggles to what I do. I would love to fill up my September 5th VIP group with people who want to dedicate time to themselves while working on nutrition and learning about fitness. If interested in more information you can click on the photo below.