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Perpetually Wednesday 8.23.17 Edition – New Routines All Around!

It’s the first Wednesday of the new school year here in Aberdeen, South Dakota. To say I am excited is an understatement; however, it certainly snuck up on us this year, didn’t it? I mean, it was just May 19 and the last day of school!

Families have a lot going on the couple weeks prior to and couple weeks after the start of school. From empty wallets due to buying school clothes, school supplies, and re-filling lunch money accounts to signing up for after school activities and sports, it can be overwhelming!

My husband and I are jumping for joy that our daycare bill is declining with our son starting kindergarten this year! Anyone else excited, yet realize that the money saved is going to get filtered somewhere else? 

The best part of a new school year is everyone’s new schedule! It is much easier to get on and stay on a routine when the whole family is involved because let’s face it, summer gets lax! It won’t take long and we will all be on a nice little schedule.

I have high hopes for our routine here at home this year. We need some major help in the morning routine department. We meaning Mike and I. The kids actually did excellent throughout the summer, but it was him and I that lolly-gagged a majority of the time. We stayed up too late at night, and I had a hard time getting out of bed in the morning to get my workout done, so I would start late or leave it until the night. Thankfully it takes us 10 minutes to get across our town as that behavior wouldn’t fly in a big city.

So, last night we decided we would try to work out together and see if we could spend some time together and keep each other on track. We have tried this multiple times previously and it just never works out, but maybe this time is the one!

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