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How to Shatter Your Ceiling

What do I mean when I say Shatter Your Ceiling?

The last four years have been a process of learning and growth for me. I’m learning about nutrition and how to cook better for the family, learning how to make and take time for myself, and learning which workouts I prefer and see results with. Positive changes that have come from that growth are losing the baby weight, crushing goals, finishing the programs, dedicating myself to personal development through reading, coaching, and allowing myself to support and be supported.

You may hear “shatter the glass ceiling” referenced in business. But for me, it is more of how far can I go? What’s my potential?¬†Every time I hit a new goal, I felt empowered, stronger, and more confident, like I had shattered my ceiling!

My potential has no limits therefore I am going to shatter the ceiling on that potential.

For those of you that have been following along with me, I have been struggling for awhile on my nutrition and pushing myself in my workouts. I feel positive I am getting back on track. I am monitoring and watching what I eat, and getting back he focus. (*and sometimes, let’s be real, I watch what I eat by watching it go in my mouth.)

Stuff happens in life. We are going to have stress, we are going to have moments of weakness where we are going to eat what we want to eat. I am well aware that I do not have very good self control. I am working on it, and meal planning is key for that. I am more successful of sticking to my plan if I have no reason to look elsewhere for food. 

note: in upcoming blog I will show how I plan for two weeks at a time for dinners at our home.

My Shatter Your Ceiling VIP program is designed to help give the accountability and support that you may be missing. It includes a free kickstart consultation, me as your free coach- someone to help motivate you and talk to. I’m here and I would love to help you and have you help me! The more folks that want to work out and do these challenges with me— that helps me shatter my ceiling just as much as it could help shatter yours!

I would love to talk with you and see what your needs, wants, struggles, and goals are. If you are interested in learning more about the Shatter Your Ceiling VIP program, please sign up for a free consultation below. I look forward to speaking with you!