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Who is Jena German?

Jena ~¬†pronounced Jeena not Jenna ūüôā

I am a South Dakota grown thirty-something who is married with two children. I spent my twenties married with no kids doing what I wanted when I wanted. (I should note that visiting a gym or working out other than volleyball, softball, and bowling was NOT on the list!)

As I entered my thirties, the babies came. As you progress through life your priorities change and we tend to not think we have the time to take care of ourselves the way we should because we are so busy taking care of everyone else!

What I learned was how very important it is to make time for myself every day- not only does it help me physically, mentally, emotionally and even nutritionally, but it makes me a better wife, mom, daughter, co-worker, and friend! I am way less stressed and feel so empowered and confident with the choices I have made.

My hope is to share the tools of my success, motivate and support other women and men, leaving no one behind! Not only will we reach for the stars, but we will shatter glass ceilings!

Why Friends In Fitness?

I have not only met so many awesome people who have become my support system, but I never forget my lifetime friends! I named my page Friends in Fitness because while we may all have different interests/thoughts on working out, we can support each other just the same. 

The name came after a night of playing Just Dance with some of my besties— me (a Beachbody Coach), Nikki- a bodybuilder/fitness model,¬†Katie-¬†a yoga instructor and Missy- a Special Education teacher! When they left in the early hours of the morning, I was reflecting on how we all had the same focus in our lives- to not only be strong women, but also healthy moms who want healthy families! ¬†Voila!¬†FIF was born! ¬†

My Friends in Fitness family continues to grow; I’ve made new lifelong friends and welcome you to join us as well!

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